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Name Pi Club
Languages English (en), Korean (ko)
Users 180
Active users (last month) 33
Active users (last six months) 181
Characters per post (max) 500
Known instances Not available{singular}
First sight Mar 29, 2024 UTC
Last successful check Jun 25, 2024 UTC
Noxious No
New No
Software Mastodon 4.2.8
Registrations Open
Meta’s Threads moderation Unknown (this instance is not listed in the Anti-Meta Fedi Pact list), and its list of moderated instances is not accessible.
Most used hashtags (last week) Not available{plural}
Short description
Pi Club is a social networking platform designed specifically for Pi pioneers, enthusiasts, and contributors.
Long description

Pi Club Social Platform

Pi Club is a social networking platform designed specifically for Pi pioneers, enthusiasts, and contributors. Similar in concept to Twitter, Pi Club provides a dedicated space for individuals interested in cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and the Pi Network. Users can engage in discussions, share project updates, and connect with like-minded individuals within the Pi community. With a focus on decentralization and user privacy, Pi Club aims to foster meaningful interactions and collaboration among its members. Whether you're a seasoned crypto expert or just starting your journey in the world of digital currencies, Pi Club welcomes you to join the conversation and explore the exciting possibilities of the Pi Network.

Our Goals

Our goal with Pi Club is to establish a vibrant and inclusive social networking platform tailored specifically for the Pi community. We aim to create a space where Pi pioneers, enthusiasts, and contributors can come together to engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and collaborate on projects related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Our Vision

Through Pi Club, we aspire to foster a sense of community among our members, empowering them to connect with like-minded individuals, stay updated

Instance rules
  1. Respect others: Maintain politeness and respect in communication, avoiding the use of offensive or provocative language. Respect others' viewpoints and positions, actively listen, and provide constructive feedback.
  2. Protect privacy: Uphold users' privacy rights by not sharing or disclosing others' personal information without permission, including but not limited to real names, contact information, home addresses, etc.
  3. Follow the law: Strictly adhere to local laws and regulations, prohibiting the posting of any content that violates legal provisions, including but not limited to malicious defamation, insults, pornography, violence, etc.
  4. Keep content relevant: Ensure that the content posted is relevant to the server's theme or discussion topics, and refrain from posting irrelevant information or spam content. Maintain the depth and meaningfulness of discussions.
  5. Respect intellectual property: Do not infringe upon others' intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc. Do not post unauthorized works of others, including text, images, audio, video, etc.
  6. Follow the rules: Adhere to the rules and guidelines set by the server, including but not limited to registration terms, terms of use, etc., to ensure the orderly and stable operation of the server.
  7. Respect administrators: Respect and obey the management decisions of server administrators. If you have any questions or objections, you can raise them through appropriate channels, but do not engage in malicious behavior or violations.
  8. Foster a positive atmosphere: Share beneficial, positive, and inspiring content, encourage mutual assistance and support among users, and create a positive and friendly communication atmosphere to build a harmonious community together.
  9. Equal treatment: Treat all users equally, without discrimination or differentiation based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, status, etc., to establish an inclusive and open communication environment.
Moderated instances
Not available{plural}
Admin account admin@piclub.social
Date of creation Mar 27, 2024 UTC
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Not available{singular}
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