This website is mainly attended by Ca_Gi and giarminio with a lot of help from other enthusiastic Mastodon users from the italian instance mastodon.bida.im (bida.im also hosts it) and other instances.

These are some of the involved users

Since october 2022, translation of this site is done on Weblate.

Translation credits

Catalan: gnagno

French: zorglubu, J. Lavoie, Takeçi

Galician: Ariel Costas, Celia Rocha-Táboas

German: Electric Monk, Murat H

Italian: Pongrèbio

Portuguese (Brazil): Tiago Ferreira, Fábio Rodrigues Ribeiro, Eduardo Lima, Daimar Stein, Carlos

Ukrainian: Ігор Андреєв


The code for this website is here.


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