Some links you may find useful

  • a good starting point to approach the Fediverse
  • an extensive guide to the Fediverse with a Directory of accounts
  • another Mastodon instances database, has a wizard to help choosing one
  • very comprehensive stats about Fediverse, with another instances database covering all Fediverse platforms
  • another very good, unofficial, non-technical guide to using Mastodon and the wider Fediverse
  • Verbose: a tool to split Mastodon posts
  • Acck: a tool to easily check if a Mastodon account is moderated by a Mastodon instance
  • Unocck: a tool that is set up to easily check if «», an italian Mastodon instance whose admins are well known for bad practices and censoring those who criticize them, is censoring a given post
  • Exercises for rachialgia (in italian language)