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Short description
A Mastodon instance for the San Francisco Bay Area. Come on in and join us!
Long description

Welcome to SFBA.social!

We are the regional Mastodon instance for the San Francisco Bay Area. Everyone is welcome - Current/past Bay Area citizens, Bay Area admirers, and people who want to move here one day :-)

Yay-Area Resident?

Signs you are from the SF Bay Area:


Our Admin/Mod team members are all volunteers. However, the costs for hosting this instance are now exceeding $1000/month.

Please consider contributing to our Instance: opencollective.com/sfba-mastodon

More Information

More information is available on the SFBA Community Hub

To submit a copyright claim, visit the DMCA Requests page on our community hub.

Server rules
  1. Do not post illegal, illicit, or unlicensed content.
  2. Do not use slurs or discriminatory or hateful jokes and language, including (but not limited to) racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia; including tone policing or critiquing lived experience.
  3. Add content warnings to sensitive content (e.x. nudity, violence)
  4. Do not harass anyone, post other people’s personally identifying information (“doxing”), or incite violence against anyone.
  5. Do not post in bad faith, engage in name-calling, or ad hominem attacks. Criticize ideas, not people.
  6. Do not post spam (e.x. a post with only a link or an image) or promote crypto-related content such as cryptocurrencies or NFTs.
  7. Follow the community code of conduct: https://hub.sfba.social/code-of-conduct Use content warnings (CW) and #hashtags liberally. Be nice and have fun!
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Date of creation Dec 6, 2019 UTC
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Living the Dream...

Architecting secure systems and traveling the world is what I like.

Unfair, harsh, inconsiderate behavior is what I don't like.

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