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Languages English (en)
Users 23
Active users (last month) 25
Active users (last six months) 25
Characters per post (max) 5000
Known instances Not available{singular}
First sight Feb 26, 2024 UTC
Last successful check Mar 10, 2024 UTC
Noxious No
New No
Software Mastodon 4.2.8
Registrations Open (by admin approval)
Meta’s Threads moderation Unknown (this instance is not listed in the Anti-Meta Fedi Pact list), and its list of moderated instances is not accessible.
Most used hashtags (last week) Not available{plural}
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Not available{singular}
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Not available{singular}
Instance rules
Not available{plural}
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Not available{plural}
Admin account Opted out of search engines indexing
Date of creation Not available{singular}
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Not available{singular}
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Succesful checks: 13/43 (30.23%)