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First sight Feb 27, 2024 UTC
Last successful check Apr 18, 2024 UTC
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Software Mastodon 4.3.0-alpha.3+glitch
Registrations Open (by admin approval)
Meta’s Threads moderation Threads is suspended, according to the Anti-Meta Fedi Pact list, but it’s currently impossible to verify it because this instance’s list of moderated instances is not accessible.
Most used hashtags (last week) photography, nature, science, reading
Short description
Twootsite is a general instance with a focus on your safety. We have strict moderation and rules to promote accessibility. Twootsite is running glitch-soc! (RIP Tootsite)
Long description

Twootsite is a general instance with a focus on your safety. We have strict moderation and rules to promote accessibility. Twootsite is running glitch-soc!
RIP Toot.site, gone but not forgotten, miss ya big site


Twootsite is administered and moderated by:

Server announcements can be found at @announcements

Don't hesitate to say hi, or ask any questions!

If you see content that violates our rules, please use the report feature, or notify an administrator.

Most importantly, have fun and be nice to each other! Our main priority is to protect our users from the darker part of the fediverse. Thus, we employ instance-wide pre-emptive blocking and muting of users and instances that are in conflict with the rules defined below.

Twootsite will always go for the option that minimises harm whilst maximising freedom.


After a long while of inactivity, accounts are scheduled for deletion. New and unused accounts will be scheduled for deletion quicker. This is to enhance the privacy of users that may have forgotten they have an account. Remember to retrieve a backup of your data before this time as the deletion is irreversible. A warning will be sent out before deletion in case the user has just forgotten about the account.


You can donate to Twootsite to keep the servers running at Liberapay

Our instance blocklist is available upon request.

Instance rules
  1. Hate speech and discrimination, such as, but not limited to, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia and abelism and content illegal in Europe is not allowed in any form.
  2. Content warnings (CWs) are often either required or highly encouraged to keep our server safe and friendly for as many people as possible. CW-ing nudity, lewdness, politics, gore and spam-like posts are all mandatory. Failure to comply will result in account limiting.
  3. Bios (account biographies) should be kept "safe for work". Highly distracting, lewd or otherwise obscene avatar or header images are not allowed.
  4. Malicious or misleading information (such as, but not limited to, anti-science, fake news and hate brigading) are bannable offences. This also includes the encouragement and normalising of said information. Such content can, for example, include anti-vaccine and alternative medicine.
  5. Extreme political content, such as Nazism, authoritarianism, "tankieism", and extreme nationalism is a bannable offence. An exception to this are news stories and meta around these topics.
  6. Incitement of violence, regardless of the situation, is generally not allowed and appropriate content warnings is required as a minimum! We also realise that there is a difference between punching up vs. down, and that violence is sometimes unavoidable, such as protests.
  7. Advertising is discouraged and is allowed at the discretion of moderators. Commissions related to the arts, charitable causes (that are demonstrably not for-profit) and personal donation requests are exempt. A general rule is that if you think that it would be annoying, put it behind a CW.
  8. We do not allow any bots or automated services including crossposters from other social media sites. You can have a look at sites like "botsin.space" for that kind of stuff.
  9. Doxing and non-consensual breaches of privacy is not allowed and breaking this rule will most likely result in a ban.
  10. Posting uncaptioned media with public visibility is not allowed and will get your account limited, usually if repeated behaviour is observed. Twootsite is supposed to be an inclusive and accessible place. Only local posts are affected by this rule, not remote posts or boosts.
Moderated instances
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Admin account alison@twoot.site
Date of creation Jan 5, 2024 UTC
Display name Alison (twoot.site mum and trans woman)

Electro-art-pop post-punk princess, transistor🏳️‍⚧️trans sister logic, occasional hobbyist programmer in spite of programming job, generic lefto-communist, big horror fan, poly bi-lesbian, autistic, all around great girl!

All boosts OK! :retootOk:​

Admin at twoot.site
Formerly a mod at toot.site (RIP)

Bandcamp: https://alisonselby.bandcamp.com
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5k3Crot4vSRWd83q4KSCOO

Gf(s) on fedi:

Avatar: A curly red haired white woman wearing a black low cut dress in a mirror selfie

Header: The AOL logo modified to read Alison Online

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