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Languages English (en)
Users 74
Active users (last month) 11
Active users (last six months) 44
Characters per post (max) 500
Known instances Not available{singular}
First sight Jan 1, 2024 UTC
Last successful check Feb 24, 2024 UTC
Noxious No
New No
Software Mastodon 4.1.1+glitch
Registrations Open
E-mail Not available{singular}
Meta’s Threads moderation Unknown (this instance is not listed in the Anti-Meta Fedi Pact list), and its list of moderated instances is not accessible.
Most used hashtags (last week) Not available{plural}
Short description
Not available{singular}
Long description
Not available{singular}
Instance rules
Not available{plural}
Moderated instances
Not available{plural}
Date of creation Mar 8, 2023 UTC
Display name Not available{singular}
Not available{singular}
Last 12 weeks activity
Not available{singular}
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2/17/24, 2:53:41 AM UTC2/18/24, 3:48:23 AM UTC2/19/24, 3:36:49 AM UTC2/20/24, 3:04:43 AM UTC2/21/24, 3:06:16 AM UTC2/22/24, 3:48:52 AM UTC2/23/24, 3:18:05 AM UTC2/24/24, 2:53:26 AM UTC
Succesful checks: 55/55 (100%)